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"Is it safe to take Onglyza?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it safe to take Onglyza?


My doctor is recommending taking Onglyza for my diabetes. Is it safe? I'm very scared of new drugs and what kind of side effects they will have because I have had bad reactions to medication in the past.


Onglyza (saxagliptin) is a relatively new medication that is used to treat type 2 (adult onset diabetes). It has the advantage of being an oral medication, which means there are is no need for needles or injections. Saxagliptin is generally very well tolerated, and there are actually very few serious side effects. Of course, it is always possible to have a bad reaction to a new medication, but there is no reason that you should be more concerned about saxagliptin than any other new medication. When started slowly and under the supervision of a doctor, most people tolerate the medication very well. Most commonly, saxagliptin is used as a second or third line medication in people who are already taking first line medications for diabetes but who still have elevated blood sugars. In this setting, you usually continue take the other medication as well, and the hope is that the combination of medications will be more effective at lowering blood sugar than one medication alone. Also, saxagliptin is sometimes used alone in people who had bad side effects with the first line medications, which sounds like might be your situation. I suggest that you talk to your doctor about your concerns about the new medication; they will be happy to address all your concerns and support you through the process of starting the new medication.

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