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"Do I have to have my spider bite examined?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have to have my spider bite examined?


It has been a day since I was bitten by a spider and all there is some swelling around the bite. Is it all good? Should I still have it examined by a doctor?


Anytime you are bitten by an insect, you should always be evaluated by a physician. This is because all insect bites have the potential to be dangerous. Some spiders and other insects have poisonous venom that can be harmful to your body. Being bitten by this type of insect is unusual, but always a possibility. If you suddenly feel short of breath, weak, or just feel very different from before, you should seek emergency medical attention. The other reason that you should always have your insect bites seen by a doctor is that they can become infected. The swelling that you are seeing around your bite could be a pocket of infection that was introduced to your skin because of the bite. Staph aureas, some of which is the MRSA variety can be a culprit bug. In these cases, it is preferable for you to receive antibiotics and possibility drainage of an area of infection. Most primary care offices have the capability to take care of these types of bites and infections. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor today. He or she will take a close look at your bite and determine if any therapy is necessary. Good luck.

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