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"Why does my lower leg always hurt?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my lower leg always hurt?


Left leg in the lower part has been aching steadily for around 5 months. It is getting worse. It also hurts more on the outer part of the leg. Why would only my lower leg be sore constantly like this?


There are multiple potential causes of this pain, and it will be important for you to get in to see your primary care doctor for an evaluation. Based on exactly where the pain is, what brings it on, and any other associated symptoms, they will be able to help you narrow down the list of potential causes and decide if a treatment is available. For example, aching pains in the legs might be shin splints, especially if you are active as a runner or in another sport with a high impact component. Although classically shin splints occur mostly while engaged in the activity in question, if they are very severe the may actually occur constantly, even at rest. Similarly, if the pain is more localized to the knee region or to the area right below the knee, then it may be a sign of a knee injury, such as a ligament or meniscal tear. If in addition to aching pain, you also have either numbness or tingling, this may be a sign of a pinched nerve, most typically in the back. Finally, if you have any swelling of the leg, this may be evidence of a blood clot in a vein in the leg leading to aching pain. Get in to see your doctor as soon as you can.

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