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"Do I have to have a local anesthetic?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have to have a local anesthetic?


Doctor is going to remove a mole from my forehead and said she would use a local anesthetic when she does it. That scares me because I hate needles! Do I need the anesthetic if I can just deal with the pain?


Removing a mole from the skin is a simple surgical procedure which is usually done in your doctor's office. Typically, this is done because either the mole is a cosmetic problem, or it is being removed to make certain that it is not a cancerous mole. The typical procedure is to numb up the skin with a local anesthetic. Even people who do not like needles can usually tolerate this procedure, because the needle that is used is very small and, after a second or two, the skin becomes rapidly numb and you do not feel the rest of the procedure. There are many sensitive nerve endings in the skin, and especially the skin of the face. Therefore it would be a very bad idea to remove a mole without a local anesthetic. The mole is removed with a scalpel, which would be very painful without the anesthetic in place. It would also be dangerous, because it might be hard to hold still with the pain., which will make it hard for your doctor to perform the procedure carefully and safely. I suggest that you sit down with your doctor to discuss the procedure. They can explain in detail what exactly will happen and help to calm your fears about the use of the needle.

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