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"Do drugs that treat depression also help with anxiety?"

ZocdocAnswersDo drugs that treat depression also help with anxiety?


I have been having terrible anxiety attacks lately. Are there drugs that help with that? I know that people take things for their depression but do doctors give you drugs for anxiety too?


I am sorry to hear that you are having such trouble with anxiety attacks. You absolutely must see a doctor about this as soon as possible to get some relief! You could start by seeing either your primary care doctor or a psychiatrist. It turns out that there are very effective medications that can be used to treat problems with panic and anxiety. In fact, some of these medications are the same medications that are used to treat depression! As such, they are medications that are taken by millions of people around the world and are effective with minimal side effects. Start by seeing your doctor and explaining your symptoms to them. If they diagnose you with an anxiety problem, they will be able to recommend a few treatment options. One of those, as we have already discussed, is likely to be medications. However, you may also benefit from counseling or therapy sessions to help you deal with and control the symptoms of anxiety. After deciding on what treatments to start with initially, your doctor will want to follow you very closely over the next several months, both looking to make sure that the medications are working and also to make sure that you are not having too many side effects. Good luck.

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