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"Did having the flu give me red spots on my chest?"

ZocdocAnswersDid having the flu give me red spots on my chest?


I had the flu but I am just about symptom free (just feel a little weak still). But today I noticed some faint red spots/patches on the center of my chest and some on the side of my torso. Is this just part of the healing process?


I am glad to hear that you are starting to recover from the flu! In order to make sure you are making a full recovery, you might want to check in with your primary care doctor, who can review your remaining symptoms and decide if you need to do anything in particular. Sometimes with a viral infection, like the influenza, it is possible to develop a rash as part of the infection. This usually appears a few days after the symptoms begin and should slowly fade as the infection goes away. This could potentially be what is going on, however it would be a little unusual to have no rash at all until the symptoms are almost totally cleared up, as sounds like is your case. Therefore, your doctor should take a look at the spots to make sure they are not some other skin condition, of which there are numerous possibilities. For example, if you have been taking any antibiotics or other medications as part of your treatment, this could be a reaction to the medication. You could also have developed some spots of eczema, especially if there is some itching associated with the spots. See your doctor at your earliest convenience.

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