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"Is tongue swelling a symptom of diabetes?"

ZocdocAnswersIs tongue swelling a symptom of diabetes?


A lot of times after I eat my tongue swells up. Is this a symptom of diabetes? Some people in my family have it and I want to know if I do too.


Diabetes is in fact a condition that has a strong genetic component, so you are right to think about this since it runs in your family. However, swelling of the tongue is not a symptom of diabetes. More typical symptoms would include blurry vision, frequent urination, and increased appetite. If you have not had an annual physical exam in a while, or if you have any of these other symptoms that I mention, then you should definitely see your primary care doctor about this issue at your earliest convenience, as they can screen you for diabetes. On the other hand, tongue swelling after eating is, for me, very concerning for a potential food allergy. If you notice any association between particular foods and the swelling, you should definitely stop eating these entirely until you can be evaluated by your primary care doctor or an allergy doctor, as continuing to eat foods you are allergic to could lead eventually to a life threatening allergic reaction. In the meantime, if you find that you have severe face or tongue swelling after eating, or if you have nausea and vomiting, wheezing, or trouble breathing, these could all be signs of a serious allergic reaction, and you should go to the emergency room right way.

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