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"What is cystitis?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is cystitis?


Went to the doctor because of some trouble with my female parts and my stomach and he said I have cystitis and gave me antibiotics. What is cystitis though? He didn't really explain it very well or I just didn't understand.


Cystitis is a medical term used to describe a simple urinary tract infection. The "cys" part of the word in cystitis refers specifically to the bladder. Most urinary tract infections involve mostly the bladder only and can cause symptoms such as burning with urination, and the feeling of needing to go right away. Pelvic pain and a fever can also occur. If you present to your doctor with these symptoms, the first step is to do a urinalysis (with a sample of your urine. This often is all that needed to tell if you have an infection. Women that get an infection and don't go to the doctor can sometimes get relief by drinking cranberry juice. I do not recommend this. A urinary tract infection is a simple thing to treat, but if it is not treated it can progress into a worse infection. Finally, any time you come in with symptoms like what you have, then sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhea need ruled out. If you have continued symptoms, or if your symptoms returned, then you should return to see your primary care physician. Your doctor will perform a urinalysis to determine if you have another infection and prescribe the appropriate antibiotics. Good luck.

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