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"What is wrong with my eyes?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is wrong with my eyes?


My vision has just been going blurry randomly and it is always when I feel light headed too. Are they connected? Why is my vision going blurry if I know I have perfect vision because I just had my eyes tested?


It is good that you just had your eyes tests, as one of the most common causes of intermittent blurry vision is actually a defect in visual acuity. If you had a complete eye exam, including an eye dilation and an examination of your retina, then you can probably rule out a problem in the eye as the cause of your blurry vision. On the other hand, if you did not mention these symptoms to your eye doctor, or if you did not have a complete eye exam, then you should go back to your eye doctor for a recheck. Assuming, however, that you did have a complete normal eye exam, then I would suggest stopping next to see your primary care doctor. There are multiple medical causes of blurry vision. In your case, the fact that this occurs with dizziness, suggests several potential causes that would need to be ruled out. Some of these are not very serious (for example, simple near-fainting episodes or dehydration or migraine) whereas some are quite serious (problems with the heart or brain). Your primary care doctor will perform a complete examination and help you decide whether additional testing is needed. Good luck!

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