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"Is my throat problem caused by esophageal spasms?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my throat problem caused by esophageal spasms?


Sometimes I have a hard time swallowing and I think it is from esophageal spasms. Are they a serious health problem or would it be okay to let them go untreated if the symptoms only happen every once in a while?


Difficulty swallowing is a problem that should be evaluated by a doctor, and sometimes requires being seen by a specialty trained physician. While it is often a problem that can come and go and not affect your life to a serious degree over long periods of time, it can also be a sign of something much more serious. Your doctor will be able to review your age, health history, and social history to determine if there is a high or lower likelihood of this being something more serious, and will then be able to make recommendations after an examination. While many people will experience some intermittent and short lived dysphagia (the medical term for difficulty swallowing), it is concerning if your symptoms are progressing (becoming more frequent or more troublesome), if you have weight loss, if you have fatigue, or if you have noticed any new lumps or bumps on your body. Please make an appointment to discuss your symptoms. The causes are very broad, and can include everything from neurological reasons and all the way to the muscular wall of your esophagus itself.

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