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"Why is my collarbone jutting out?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my collarbone jutting out?


My collarbone is jutting out on one side. It sticks out farther on the right side and I just noticed it so I know it hasn't always been like this. It also hurts if I move my arm in a certain way. What is going with my collarbone?


The collar bone acts as a 'shock absorber' for the arm. Therefore, it is one of the most commonly broken bones in the body and, by far, the most common reason for having asymmetric collar bones is that you have potentially broken one of them in the past. Typically a broken collar bone is sustained when playing contact sports but other injuries, such as a fall onto your arm, can break the collar bone as well. Typically collar bone breaks heal well, but there is often a bump that remains where the bone was originally broken. If you have a history of a sports injury or a documented history of a collar bone fracture, then this is almost certainly what is going on. Another common cause of a bump on the collar bone is inflammation of the joint connecting the collar bone to the shoulder bone, called the acromioclavicular joint. This joint is typically damaged or sprained from a sports injury, but it can also become inflamed and painful following a viral infection. This might cause pain when moving the arm across the chest. I recommend that you see your primary care doctor, who can examine your collar bone and diagnose you. They can prescribe medications if these are necessary, or perform additional studies if those will help in the diagnosis.

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