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"Is it okay to walk on a broken toe?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it okay to walk on a broken toe?


I broke one of my toes but I can't go to the doctor for it. Is it okay to still walk on it or should I borrow my friend's crutches?


It sounds like you have been in an unpleasant accident recently if you have a broken toe! Hopefully it will be feeling better soon. It can be difficult at times to see a physician, but in the case of an injury or any kind of broken bone, it is really not safe to either self-diagnose the fracture or manage it without a physician's oversight. Some fractures need to be set in order to heal properly and not affect your use of the foot in future. In order, some fractures can also cause nerve injury without appropriate medical management. It really is best to see a physician for a basic exam and Xrays as soon as possible. If you are worried about paying for a visit, most hospitals will have a fee-reduction for patients who may have difficulty paying. In addition, most teaching hospitals or medical schools will be able to direct you to free-care clinics. This is the best thing for making sure that your foot heals properly and you don't have any ill effects later in life. If you haven't been examined by a physician yet, you should try to avoid any weight-bearing on the foot.

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