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"Why my nine year old get chest pains while eating?"


when she goes to eating her right side of her chest hurts with sharp pain


Chest pain while eating and chest pain in a child are both somewhat unusual. The best thing to do in this case is for your daughter to see her pediatrician right away. He or she can talk with you and with her more about her symptoms and go over the rest of her medical history as well as a thorough physical exam.

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Hopefully this will help get to the bottom of whatever is causing her this discomfort! There are several different things that could be contributing to her symptoms. First, acid reflux or 'heartburn' can often be interpreted as chest pain. Reflux symptoms are more common in adults, but they can occur in children as well. Second, your daughter could have something in her stomach (an ulcer or irritation known as gastritis) that is causing this pain in the setting of eating. Ulcers are also not common in children, but they can occur. Your pediatrician will probably also want to know more about the timing of this pain as well as how long after food it occurs. Food allergies to milk, wheat, or other food products can often cause indigestion and abdominal discomfort shortly after eating. Many times symptoms in the abdomen can be referred to the chest area. Finally, depending upon the timing of her symptoms, it is also possible that your daughter may have pulled or strained some intercostal muscles or even be developing a respiratory infection and that is causing the chest pain. Your daughter should definitely be evaluated by a physician as soon as possible, and hopefully she will be feeling better soon!

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