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"What is causing my ovarian pain?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is causing my ovarian pain?


Having pain on right side near ovary during orgasm. just had surgery on left side for hernia. Had a tramflap done in March got a hernia in August on left side had pain then. Thought it would go away still there


If you are having pain in you lower right abdomen or pelvis, there are several possible things that could be causing this pain. For example, down in that area is your right ovary (as you pointed out). Pain that comes from the ovary on that side could be caused by a large cyst that is pulling the ovary in an awkward position. Alternatively it can be caused by an infection that is next to the ovary. Your right fallopian tube is also on that side. An infection in this area can cause pain as well. As you know, hernias can also cause pain in the groin area on either side. If your pain on the right side is similar to the pain that you had on the left side then you could another hernia. It sounds like you still have that hernia which should be examined your doctor. Most cases of pelvic pain such as yours should be evaluated by an OBGYN. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with one. He or she will want to do a thorough pelvic exam and probably perform an ultrasound to get a detailed look at your ovary. In addition, you can have your hernia looked at. Good luck.

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