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"Why do I have dime size bumps all over my body that itch?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have dime size bumps all over my body that itch?


They started to appear after I dyed my hair and its been getting worse.


The most likely possibility would be that you are dealing with hives. Hives are an allergic reaction of the skin that can be triggered by many different potential exposures, including, potentially, something that you came into contact with in the hair dye. Typically hives will cause raised, reddened, itchy spot son the skin that come and go over the body. Hives do tend to get better after a few days or so, as long as you can avoid the likely offending agent. Taking an over the counter anti histamine can help as well, mostly by relieving the itchy sensation. You should also see your primary care doctor, as it is important to confirm the diagnosis of hives and make sure that the bumps are not from a different condition. For example, contact dermatitis is an inflammatory reaction of the skin to an exposure, which is different from hives both in terms of appearance as well as treatment. Similarly psoriasis is another inflammatory condition of the skin which causes red, itchy bumps all over the body; although not typically triggered by a chemical exposure, it could be triggered by a throat infection or other common illness. Start by seeing your primary care doctor today.

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