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"Are my cold feet related to the tingling feeling in my hands?"

ZocdocAnswersAre my cold feet related to the tingling feeling in my hands?


I have a tingling feeling in my hands that comes and goes. I also have a problem where my feet feel very cold no matter what I do. Are the two problems related? Could they be?


A tingling sensation in the hands and feet can be from a number of causes. Cool extremities can also have a number of causes as well and only occasionally do they share a common path. It is very important to know more about your paresthesia (numbness/tingling) sensation. For example, where in your hands does it happen? Is it on one hand, say your dominant side? Or, does it affect both sides? Symptoms that are only transient needs further investigating to know the triggers. For example, does the tingling happen after working on the computer for a long while? Or, does it come without warning in the middle of the night? Does it come on after repetitive motion or exercise? Does it occur with other symptoms, such as tingling around your lips or face, or muscle cramps? As regard to the cool extremities, does this occur year round or only in winter season? Do you have cramps in your legs when you walk a short distance, or you get leg cramps at night and need to dangle your legs to relieve the pain? I am not sure what medical problems, if any, that you have, but it is necessary to check these symptoms out with a primary care physician who can examine you in person. Your cramps may just be due to repetitive work or exercise (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome). But the cool extremities, if it is something new, may indicate you have diabetes, Raynaud's, or a peripheral vascular problem. Please visit a doctor soon.

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