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"What does it mean if my palms are always warm and kind of sweaty?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean if my palms are always warm and kind of sweaty?


had this problem for years. palms are always kind of warm and sometimes sweaty too. i don't think it is a big deal but my friend says it is. should I go to the doctor or is it okay not to?


Whenever you have a new symptom or change in your health, it is always a good idea to discuss things with your physician to make sure that any underlying problems are quickly identified and treated. Hopefully your current symptoms are not a sign of anything more significant, but to make sure--and to take care of yourself--it's probably best that you see a physician for a routine exam. In general, perspiration is something that varies significantly from person to person. It is certainly possible that you are someone who will always have a lower threshold for perspiration and may always have the warm and sweaty palms that you describe. However, excess or increased perspiration can also be a sign of an underlying metabolic or hormonal imbalance. In particular, people with hyperthyroid disease can sometimes present with increased perspiration and warm, flushed skin. In order to tell whether your symptoms are a normal variation versus an indication of something else, it is important for a physician to go over your full medical history as well as ask you about any other symptoms or changes in your health recently. Sometimes other small things--like warm and sweaty palms--might not seem like anything to you but in context would suggest something to a physician. Good luck.

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