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"If a person's eyes get jaundiced does it ever go away?"

ZocdocAnswersIf a person's eyes get jaundiced does it ever go away?


Have a condition that made my eyes jaundiced or yellow. They're taking care of what caused it but will my eyes always have this color? Will it eventually go away?


Jaundice is a clinical sign that describes "yellow" color of the skin, eyes, mucosal membranes such as inner cheek of your mouth, etc. Jaundice is caused by buildup of a substance called bilirubin in the body and the blood. There are many causes for bilirubin to build up in someone's body. It may be related to breakdown of red blood cells, or liver dysfunction, just to name a few examples. When bilirubin rises above 2.0-2.5mg/dL in the blood, jaundice becomes clinically evident. This is because the bilirubin gets deposited in the skin and all over the body, giving you that yellow appearance. Jaundice is not a permanent condition, if the cause of hyperbilirubinemia can be treated. If the cause of the high bilirubin is addressed and your levels come down to appropriate levels, your body will get rid of the deposits and you will eventually go back to your normal appearance. The jaundiced color in your eyes (also known as "scleral icterus") will disappear within weeks to months. You should speak to your primary care doctor, hepatologist or hematologist (depending on the cause of your hyperbilirubinemia) to make sure the problem is addressed. The cause of it could be as simple as a medication side effect, or as complex as liver disease, or infection.

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