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"What are these sores on my scalp?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are these sores on my scalp?


Why do I have sores on my scalp? Is it acne? It is a series of painful little spots that I can see if I move my hair around and they itch too.


I suggest that you go see your primary care doctor, or your dermatologist, for advice figuring out what this might be and what you should do about it. There are a few different conditions that could give these symptoms that your doctor will consider. First, this could be folliculitis. This is a condition in which hair shafts become infected with bacteria. This leads to painful 'bumps' around individual hair shafts, sometimes with crusting or drainage. Mild cases of folliculitis will generally respond just to good skin hygiene and perhaps topical anti bacterial ointment, but more severe cases may require more aggressive medical treatment, including oral antibiotics, as determined by your doctor. Another possibility is a condition called seborrheic dermatitis. Mild seborrheic dermatitis is also known as dandruff, but when the condition become more severe, it can lead to red, irritated, scaling areas on the scalp that can be painful or itchy. Depending on the severity of the case, seborrheic dermatitis may require prescription steroid or anti fungal shampoos or ointments to get under control, although more simple cases may respond just to anti dandruff shampoos. Start by making an appointment to see your doctor as soon as you are able!

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