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"Is sclerotherapy a safe way to get rid of spider veins?"

ZocdocAnswersIs sclerotherapy a safe way to get rid of spider veins?


I have spider veins in my leg that I am thinking about having treated with sclerotherapy. What can I expect to happen afterward? Will the spider veins still come back or is it a permanent solution?


Spider veins, as you know, are small dilated veins under the skin, usually of the legs. They are caused by age-related degeneration and dilation of the veins and are closely related to varicose veins, although much smaller in size. Sclerotherapy is a technique for getting rid of spider veins that involves injected an irritating chemical substance into the veins, which cause them to scar down and close off. Sclerotherapy is an extremely safe and well-established technique, and is considered the gold standard in treating spider veins. It is probably more effective than newer laser based techniques. Its main disadvantages are the discomfort associated with the multiple small injections that are required. Sclerotherapy is a permanent solution for the spider veins that are injected. However, spider veins do tend to continue to show up, so it is likely that you will develop new spider veins down the road that might need treatment as well. I would suggest that you set up a visit with either a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon to discuss the issue of treating your spider veins. They will be able to discuss the sclerotherapy procedure with you in detail and answer any additional questions you might have.

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