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"What does it feel like when you have a knee sprain?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it feel like when you have a knee sprain?


I was playing softball and my knee got twisted in a weird way. Now it feels a little week and it hurts when I straighten it all the way out. Is this a knee sprain? What does a knee sprain feel like?


A sprain is an injury to the ligaments and tissue surrounding a joint. Typically what happens is that a twisting injury, like the one you had, at the joint leads to over-stretching of the ligaments. The resulting symptoms include pain and swelling around the joint. This pain and swelling can be mild if the sprain is mild, or it can be quite severe, even at times preventing you from being able to walk on the knee. In more severe sprains, the joint may also feel week and tend to 'give out'. It would be a good idea to have your primary care doctor look at the knee. They will be able to examine the knee closely, looking for any evidence of a severe injury to the ligaments. Based on what they find, they will be able to recommend the appropriate treatment. Most likely, they will recommend that you elevate the knee, use ice to reduce swelling, and take anti inflammatory medications to reduce the pain and swelling. If the sprain is more severe, they may also recommend a knee brace or crutches for a little while. They will also be able to give you advice on how long you need to wait before returning to physical exercise. Please see your doctor soon.

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