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"What is wrong with my hips?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is wrong with my hips?


Soreness and pain in my hips that I can't explain. No other problems anywhere in my body, but it is really bad when I am moving around a lot. What makes people's hips hurt?


Hip pain can be caused by many different things. Determining what is the cause of your pain will require a discussion and physical exam with a physician. You can start with your primary care doctor and then he or she can refer you to an orthopedic specialist if necessary. In part, your age and prior health history will be very important to determine what might be responsible. If you are an older adult, arthritis in the hips is a distinct possibility. If you have taken large amounts of steroids in the past for other health issues, something called avascular necrosis can cause hip pain. If you have rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune diseases, a flare could be responsible for the hip pain. You may have strained any one of the many muscle groups that help stabilize the hips. There are also bursa, small cushioning sacs, found near the hip (as with other joints) and they can become inflamed or irritated. You may also have intrinsic changes within the hip joint itself, including a possible torn labrum or an alignment problem called femoracetabular impingement syndrome. Finally, what you are experiencing as hip pain could be pain referred from the knees, lower back, or pelvis. In order to find out what is causing your pain, you will need to go over your history and symptoms with a physician as well as have a physical exam looking for hip pathology. Good luck.

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