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"Should I have my pinky repaired?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I have my pinky repaired?


Had some old injuries to my pinky when I played football in high school. Now it is still kind of crooked and will sort of lock up and cause me pain sometimes. It isn't too bad though. Still, should I have it repaired? Could it keep getting worse as time goes on??


Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your pinky from your old sports injuries. If you have not talked to any doctor about this problem up until now, it would be worth doing so. Most of the time, serious permanent injuries to the hand are dealt with by an orthopedic specialist, but you can also get some advice from either your primary care doctor or a sports medicine doctor. One of the most common long term complications of an injury to joints anywhere in the body (including the fingers of the hands) is the development of arthritis down the road. Arthritis can lead to pain and stiffness in the joints, and it does tend to get worse over time, as the bones and joints continue to age. Most of the time, there is no permanent cure for arthritis, but it can usually be managed pretty well with anti inflammatory and pain medications as directed by your doctor. Another common complication of finger injuries is something called trigger finger, which occurs when a tendon becomes scarred down, prevent full extension of the finger. Trigger finger can be managed with either injections of steroids in simple cases to minor surgical procedures to release the scar tissue; these procedures are usually performed by an orthopedic doctor. Good luck!

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