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"How should I treat my blisters?"

ZocdocAnswersHow should I treat my blisters?


I have blisters on different parts of my feet from running every day. What should I do to treat them? I never know if I should pop them or not or just bandage them and let them heal on their own.


It sounds like you may have a problem with either the fit of you shoes or your socks! If you are running often and long distances you may certainly get blisters on your feet. But, it may be worth talking to your physician about seeing a podiatrist for evaluation of the fit of your shoes. It may be possible to adjust either your shoes or the type of socks you are wearing to minimize your blisters. You should not pop your blister, as this can allow bacteria to get 'under' the skin and potentially develop an infection in the fluid underneath that outer layer of the skin. Some blisters will heal on their own and that is fine, and others will burst on their own and the dead skin will fall off (or can be trimmed off). In any case, you should see your primary care physician to determine whether you might have an underlying issue with your skin. Hopefully you can minimize the blisters while still continuing your healthy running habits!

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