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"Why is my foot turning purple?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my foot turning purple?


My foot got jammed between some stuff at work. Hurt pretty bad but doesn't hurt now. But it is turning purple. Doesn't look like a bruise though, it is happening in the whole foot almost. Is it still just a bruise? Something that needs treatment?


Sorry to hear that you injured your foot so badly! I highly recommend that you have a doctor look at this. You could get in to see your primary care doctor right away, or if that is not possible go to an emergency room for more immediate evaluation. It is likely that you suffered a serious sprain to the foot or a bad contusion, which is bruising in the muscles and soft tissues. When this happens, it is common for some blood to seep into the soft tissue. This might not show up right away, which would explain why the purple discoloration did not show up immediately but is now spreading across the foot. Less likely, but more serious, would be that the injury to the foot resulting in some decreased blood flow to the foot. If you have trouble feeling your toes or moving them, or if there is numbness or tingling in the foot, or if the toes feel cool, then these could all be signs of this more serious injury which would require immediate emergency evaluation. Your doctor will be able to examine your foot for signs of injury or poor blood flow. They may also want to get an x-ray if there is any concern for a broken bone. Good luck!

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