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"Why do I only have pain in one half of my body?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I only have pain in one half of my body?


I have had a headache on one side of my head for two days and now my jaw hurts on that side and my neck too. Why do I just have pain on one side of my body like this? Is it all from the headache?


It sounds like you have had a very difficult time with these symptoms. If you have not yet seen a physician, you should definitely make an appointment to be seen as soon as possible to help determine what might be causing these symptoms as well as how to treat them. A physician will want to talk with you more about your history as well as examine you carefully to try and determine what is the underlying cause of the pain in your head, jaw, and neck. It is not unusual for some headaches to only manifest on one side of the head. Migraine headaches will typically do this, and a migraine that persists for a long period of time can cause musculoskeletal strain and spasm which could explain why your jaw and neck are now hurting. Pain that is felt as a headache can also be referred from other parts of the head, such as the jaw. If you have some sort of dental infection or a sinus infection, that could cause head pain as well as pain in the jaw area. A severe, unremitting headache can also exacerbate TMJ problems. Given the multiple factors here, it will be important for a physician to examine you to make sure that your overall health history, your current symptoms, and your current exam can be put together in a logical way.

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