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"Can a sinus infection make your teeth hurt?"

ZocdocAnswersCan a sinus infection make your teeth hurt?


I have had a bad sinus infection for a week. Now my top teeth are starting to hurt. Can a sinus infection make your teeth hurt? Why would that be?


In short, yes. Sinus infections can happen in anyone. There are several sinuses that are located in the human head. The two that are most commonly affected in a sinus infection are the frontal sinuses and the maxillary sinuses. Frontal sinuses are located in your forehead, and sinus infections here can manifest as severe headaches with weakness, fevers and chills. Maxillary sinuses are located around your nose and on top of your top row of teeth. A sinus infection in this area can also cause headache, weakness, fevers and chills, but it is also not uncommon to develop pain in your upper jaw teeth. This is due to the proximity of the nerve roots from your teeth to the maxillary sinus, which, if infected is likely very inflamed. This inflammation can cause irritation in the nerve roots that sensitize your teeth and can thus cause pain. This symptom generally resolves as the sinus infection resolves. Most of the time, your body's immune system can fight off the sinus infection. A short course of antibiotics can help speed up the recovery. I would recommend you see your primary care physician to be examined and get an antibiotic prescription if deemed appropriate by your doctor.

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