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"How long will it take my tibia to heal?"


I have to be in a cast for a broken tibia. How long will it be before I am back to normal after the cast comes off? Is it different for every person?


Fractures and the resulting immobility from a cast can be very painful and aggravating. You ask some excellent questions about the healing and recovery process, and in general, the best person to give you specific answers for your particular case will be your orthopedic surgeon. He or she can go over all of your questions at your next follow-up appointment.

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You are very much correct that the healing process is different for every person. The length of time you will spend in a cast depends in part on how complex your fracture was. If you required pins, screws, or other surgical stabilization, you may need to wear a cast for longer than if your fracture was reduced without surgery. In addition, people heal at different speeds depending upon many factors. Before your cast is completely removed, you will likely undergo additional x-rays to make sure that sufficient healing has taken place for you to be able to bear some weight. Depending upon the type of injury, you may graduate from a cast to a walking cast or possibly crutches and/or a cane for some assistance with weight bearing. The muscles in your leg will atrophy after several weeks of not being used, so you will likely require several weeks of physical therapy to regain the strength and function in your leg. Best of luck recovering from your injury!

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