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"Is it okay to work out if I am still sore from an injury?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it okay to work out if I am still sore from an injury?


My hamstring is still kind of sore after I strained it, but I need to exercise bad. Is it okay to exercise if you are still sore from an injury or will you just re-injure yourself if you do?


You ask an excellent question! The last thing you want to do while being active and staying healthy is re-injure yourself. Determining whether or not it is safe for you to continue to exercise depends upon the extent of your initial injury. Some degree of muscle 'soreness' can be normal after intense activity, but if you have strained or sprained a muscle from activity, you may need a more prolonged period of rest and even physical therapy to get back to normal. If you have not seen a physician with your initial injury, it would be a good idea to see your primary care physician to discuss your concerns about returning to activity as well as a possible physical therapy referral. Even if you don't think your strain is that severe, working with a physical therapist can be an excellent way to expedite the healing process as well as giving you stretches and flexibility exercises to help improve the balance and alignment of your major muscle groups and joints to help prevent injuries like these in the future. In addition, therapists or your physician can help go over your activities and help suggest other modes of exercising that might not strain your hamstring as much as your regular activity. Good luck getting back to your active lifestyle!

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