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"Can exposure to mold affect your brain?"

ZocdocAnswersCan exposure to mold affect your brain?


I've had a really foggy feeling lately in my head and my friend thinks it is because of the mold in our apartment. There was some because we had water damage. Could the mold make me confused and affect my brain?


It sounds like some things have really changed with your health recently. Determining whether or not his is due to the mold in your apartment may be more difficult to determine, but given the distinct change in your mental status and thinking, you should see a physician right away for a thorough history and exam. Your doctor will want to ask you many more detailed questions about what your 'foggy feeling' means, exactly, and how long you have been noticing it for. He or she can also do some basic tests to see if your thinking or memory have been affected. It will also be important to discuss any other symptoms you may have noted as well as look at your prior health history, medications, and results of a physical exam. In general, molds in the environment should not affect someone with a healthy immune system. However, it is possible for even otherwise healthy people to become ill with fungal disease, and if there is a very high concentration of mold in your apartment, this could have put you at higher risk for illness. You will need a more thorough examination by a physician to see if your symptoms could be explained by a fungal organism, but it sounds like you do need to be evaluated right away to make sure that you protect your health!

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