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"Do the foods you eat have anything to do with fighting disease?"

ZocdocAnswersDo the foods you eat have anything to do with fighting disease?


If you have a disease are there certain foods you should eat that would help it? Are there foods for each disease that people should and should not eat? I might have a hormonal disease so I want to know.


This is a complex question, and it sounds like you have some particular concerns given your own health background in asking it. The best way to get specific information for your health issues is to discuss your concerns with the specialist who is managing your hormonal disease. He or she can go over your medical history and current treatment and advise you on any dietary inclusions or exclusions that might be important. In general terms, there are a few medical conditions in which people should avoid certain foods. Anyone with a true food allergy or intolerance should not eat precipitating foods to avoid an attack (lactose intolerance, for example). In addition, people with celiac disease should not eat foods that have gluten. In addition, diabetics need to be careful with their sugar intake; patients with renal disease need to watch their total fluid intake as well as foods containing specific vitamins and minerals; patients with heart disease need to eat a diet low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and salt. There are also general nutrition habits that are good for everyone. This includes not skipping meals; having lots of water each day; eating plenty of fruits and vegetables; and minimizing saturated fat and cholesterol. Please see your doctor soon!

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