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"What are painful white bumps on the eyelid?"


They are tiny white bumps near the lash line. appeared today and my daughter says it is sore there, slight redness also


The most common cause of swollen painful bumps on the eyelid are something called styes. A stye occurs when one of the glands on the edge of the eyelash becomes blocked. The blockage leads to a build up of pressure inside the gland, which causes swelling and pain.

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The blocked glands may also sometimes become infected, which can lead to redness. Most of the time, styes resolve on their own without a lot of treatment. Standard home treatment for a stye includes warm water compresses to the eyelids to help draw out the inflammation and pain medications as needed. It is worth going to see your daughter's pediatrician or primary care doctor, however, to confirm that a stye is in fact what is going on. If the pediatrician confirms that this is a stye, there is unlikely to be any specific treatment that is needed. However, if the redness and inflammation is severe, it may be necessary to take antibiotics and your pediatrician will be able to help figure that out. Furthermore, if this turns out not to be a stye, your doctor will be able to consider the alternative diagnosis, such as blepharitis, which is an inflammation of the entire eye lid.

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