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"Could I have a hernia?"

ZocdocAnswersCould I have a hernia?


52 yr. old male, have had pain for approx. 3 weeks, lower right back, lower front abdominal area, some right testicle/scrotum pain, sometimes radiating into right thigh. Had some chiropractic adj. along with P.T. Also notice some difficulty with bowel movements. Sitting aggitates back pain.


Your pain could be from a few different sources. Your description sounds very much like a kidney stone. Kidney stones cause pain when they move from the kidney down the ureter. The pain usually starts on one side of the back and radiates down the abdomen into the groin area. It usually is not associated with difficulty with bowel movements, but this could be unrelated. Another possible cause of your pain is a hernia as you said. In severe circumstances, a hernia could cause you have difficulty with bowel movements. However, pain in the right lower back is not usually a symptom of a hernia. Another possible cause is simply a herniated disc which can cause one sided back pain that can radiate down a leg. It doesn't usually cause abdominal and/or scrotal pain. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she will need to examine your abdomen and back very closely and check you for a hernia. If you don't have a hernia, and a slipped disc is not suspected, then you may need a CT scan of your abdomen to look for a kidney stone. In addition, a urinalysis can help look for blood in your urine that can also point to a kidney stone. Good luck.

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