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"What is wrong with my throat?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is wrong with my throat?


Everytime I eat,food sticks in my throat and I usually have to force mself to vomit to ge it out.I am also experincing stomach pain now when I eat


I am very concerned about this problem of swallowing you are having. Food getting stuck somewhere in your esophagus suggests that you have some sort of obstruction there. Some of these obstructions can occur for no reason at all, an others occur because of other medical problems such as iron deficiency and infections of the esophagus. Another cause is esophageal cancer. If you are older, and/or have a history of smoking or consuming a large amount of alcohol, or if you have a long history of reflux (heart burn), this is a possibility that should be considered. If you are experiencing this problem with both solid hard food and softer foods, then the problem may lie in your muscles of your esophagus. Unfortunately, these are problems that require some specialized tests to work them out. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist. This is the type of specialist that can perform the necessary tests such as an upper endoscopy or a barium swallow (upper GI series). These are tests that can be used to determine why you are having trouble with your swallowing. It is possible that you may need one or the other, or maybe even both. Good luck.

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