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"Will an ovarian dermoid grow back after removal?"

ZocdocAnswersWill an ovarian dermoid grow back after removal?


had a dermoid on my right ovary


I am glad to hear that you tolerated surgery for the dermoid cyst on your right ovary, and that you are now back home recovering. Dermoid cysts are actually one of the most common forms of ovarian cysts. Generally speaking, they are completely benign. Obviously, they often cause pain from growing inside the ovary, but they rarely transform into a cancer. Also, after removal by surgery, they very rarely grow back, assuming that the surgery was not complicated and that the cyst could be completely removed. Your OB GYN surgeon will be able to comment specifically on the details of your particular surgery and confirm that things went as planned and that the risk of recurrence is low. You will need close followup by your primary care doctor or your OB GYN doctor now that you are recovering from the surgery. In the first place, this is obviously to make sure that the surgical incision heals well and that your pain settles down. Secondly, however, a common complication of dermoid removal is loss of ovarian tissue, which can, in some cases, create trouble with fertility or menstruation although, assuming that your other ovary is normal, these risks should be fairly minimal. See your doctor at your convenience.

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