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"Is there any way to get rid of cellulite?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there any way to get rid of cellulite?


I have some cellulite on my legs. I would like to make it go away. Is there any way to do this without having some kind of an expensive surgery.


Cellulite, as you know, is a condition in which fat deposits bulges irregularly under the skin, typically on the buttocks and thighs, creating a dimpled appearance. Cellulite tends to be worse in women because the structure of their connective tissue under the skin allows the fat to bulge out more readily than it does in men. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for cellulite. Surgical treatments, such as liposuction, do not work, at least not reliably. There are numerous creams that are on the market for treating cellulite, and these may temporarily reduce the appearance of the cellulite. They do this by irritating the skin and causing swelling which 'fills in' the dimples; however, once the swelling goes down in a couple of days, you will need to reapply the cream. Similarly, laser based treatments probably work in the same way - by causing swelling, a temporary fix. There is some evidence that working to tone the muscles of your hips and thighs may help, primarily by tightening up the skin over all, which can improve the appearance of cellulite. Weight loss may also help a bit. I advise discussing with your primary care doctor or your dermatologist to get a diagnosis and make sure you are dealing with cellulite.

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