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"Is it dangerous to take antibiotics too many times in a short period of time?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it dangerous to take antibiotics too many times in a short period of time?


Doctor is going to prescribe me antibiotics but another of my docs just gave me some like two months ago. Is that okay? Is it dangerous to take antibiotics twice in that short of a period of time?


I suggest that you follow your doctor's directions. Generally speaking, doctors do not prescribe antibiotics unless you have clear evidence of an infection, so you probably do need to take the antibiotics at this time. There are a few common conditions that may crop up repeatedly, such as ear infections, sore throats, and urinary tract infections, all of which might require antibiotics several times. Of course, there are some dangers associated with taking antibiotics frequently. Most importantly is that they set the stage for potentially more antibiotic resistant bacteria. Generally, this can be avoided by taking the antibiotic exactly as prescribed for the entire length of time prescribed. Also, it is always important to tell your doctors which antibiotics you have taken, when you have taken them, and for what types of infections. This will help them always pick the best antibiotic for you with the best chance of curing the infection with a minimum potential for side effects and bacterial resistance. Other common side effects from antibiotics include stomach upset, diarrhea (which is usually mild but can be severe, requiring medical help), and yeast infections (in women). Please also talk to your primary care doctor about your concerns.

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