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"Is there anything that makes a cut heal faster?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there anything that makes a cut heal faster?


My dad keeps saying that when I have a cut I just have to wait it out but I think that there must be some way to make a cut heal faster? Is there? Like maybe an herb or an ointment or something like that?


A considerable amount of medical investigation has looked at whether or not there is anything that can be done to make a cut heal faster, and it turns out that there are a few simple things that work pretty well. The first of these is avoiding picking at the cut at any point. Allowing any scab that forms to fall off on its own is critical, because if you pick you may delay healing, increase scarring, and also increase the risk of infection. Another thing that can help is applying a anti bacterial ointment to the cut. This prevents infection, obviously, but the petroleum layer in the ointment also helps protect the cut and create an air tight environment which allows the new skin cells to grow in much more rapidly and smoothly. Alternatively, petroleum jelly alone will accomplish much the same thing, at least in terms of providing an airtight protective environment around the cut. If you ever have a large cut, you should also see your primary care doctor to make sure that no more aggressive medical treatment is needed. Additionally, feel free to talk to your doctor in more depth about this issue, or any other general medical question, at any time!

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