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"Why do I have this pain in my bladder?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have this pain in my bladder?


Pain in my bladder and have to go to the bathroom but when I go nothing happens only a little comes out. Why?


Go see your primary care doctor right away! The symptoms you are describing, pain with urination (called dysuria) and trouble emptying the bladder are very concerning for a urinary tract infection. Other symptoms would include having to go to the bathroom frequently or blood in the urine. Your doctor can examine you quickly and perform some simple urine tests to confirm the diagnosis of a urinary tract infection. If these are positive, they can give you a prescription for some antibiotics, which should help to clear up the infection. If you are a woman (not clear from the question) then this should be the end of the story, unless you have chronic medical problems or other complications from the infection. I say this because in women occasionally urinary tract infections are very common and usually do not require additional workup. On the other hand urinary infections are much less common in men. Especially in younger men, pain with urination, for example, is much more likely to be the result of a sexually transmitted infection than an urinary tract infection. Therefore, if you fall into this category, your doctor will likely want to do some additional testing and evaluation. Good luck!

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