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"Do you get bone spurs after a broken bone heals?"

ZocdocAnswersDo you get bone spurs after a broken bone heals?


I broke my arm about a year ago and it was right near my elbow joint. Now it is like a year later and I having some pain in that elbow that I can't explain. Is this bone spurs? Someone said that you get them sometimes after a bone heals. Is that maybe what is happening with me?


If you are having chronic and persistent pain in your elbow near the site of an old bone fracture, this is definitely something that should be checked out. You could go to see your primary care doctor, or you could alternatively make an appointment with the orthopedic doctor who took care of your fracture a year ago. Bone spurs are definitely a complication that can occur after a bone fracture. They are most common after damage to bones in the feet, but they can occur anywhere. They are generally easy to diagnose with a simple x-ray of the bones. It is also possible to have arthritis develop after a bone fracture, and this is especially common if the fracture was severe. Arthritis can be diagnosis with a physical examination by your doctor and, some times, with x-rays as well. Finally, it is possible to have some residual chronic pain from damage to small nerve endings that occurred with the fracture. This is a diagnosis that is typically by your doctor just based on symptoms and physical examination. Start by making an appointment with your doctor at your earliest convenience. They will help you figure out what might be going on!

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