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"What makes me hyperventilate?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat makes me hyperventilate?


Don't know that I can say why but I keep hyperventilating. It happens at different times and sometimes I'm not even doing anything and I start breathing really fast. What makes me hyperventilate? is there one cause that makes all people do that.


Hyperventilation is often caused by anxiety, as the body responds to a real or a perceived threat and increases the supply of oxygen that is available for the brain and muscles if it is needed. While this can be a very helpful response in the event of a real threat, most of us don't have the need to hyperventilate on a regular basis. As you have been doing this, you should meet with a doctor to determine if there is any medical reason that you are breathing too much too quickly. Any airway problems can potentially lead to this sort of problem, as could some changes to the parts of the brain that control your respiratory drive. Additionally, and perhaps the most common of all, different medications can cause alterations to your rate of breathing. Any and all of these are things that should be addressed by a qualified physician, perhaps including a pulmonologist or a neurologist, to determine the true source and whether or not you are at any increased risk because of your symptoms. Please speak to your doctor and describe your symptoms so that you can be adequately treated if needed.

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