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"What does it mean if my scalp is very sensitive?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean if my scalp is very sensitive?


For around two weeks my scalp is so sensitive! It feels like it hurts where my hair is coming out and if I touch my scalp the skin is really sensitive and tingly. Why would my scalp get so sensitive?


It sounds like you may be developing a condition that is affecting your skin. Some people do have more sensitive skin than others, but it would be a little unusual for you to develop this acutely if you have never really noticed it before. Your primary care physician would be a good place to start to try to determine what, exactly, is causing this sensation. It will be very helpful for your doctor to be able to look at your scalp to see if there are any rashes or other skin changes. Sometimes dietary insufficiences (in vitamins or minerals) can cause skin changes. In addition, problems with your level of thyroid hormone can definitely cause changes in both skin and hair. However, in both of these cases it would be unusual to only experience scalp sensitivity, without anything else. Your doctor will likely want to ask you a lot of questions to help determine if anything else (even things you may not have thought to notice) have changed with your health recently. Some basic blood work can also make sure that you do not have any abnormalities in basic electrolytes or thyroid hormone. Hopefully the results of a history and an exam will help explain what is causing your symptoms!

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