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"Is it normal for stitches from a surgery scar to hurt or itch a month after surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it normal for stitches from a surgery scar to hurt or itch a month after surgery?


Had surgery like a month ago and I still have pain and some itching around the scar where the stitches are or were. Is that a pretty normal thing for a month later or do I maybe have an infection around the scar?


Scars from a major surgery often take many weeks to months to fully heal. During that process of healing, it is quite common for there to be some strange sensations in the scar, including itching or twinges of pain. Generally speaking, these are not symptoms that you need to worry about too much, and you should expect them to go away gradually. In infection is always a concern after a surgery, although this would be less likely now that you are a full month out from the surgery. Nevertheless, if you notice that the area around the scar is warm and red, or if there is any drainage from the scar, then these would be warning signs potentially concerning for an infection. Regardless of what exactly is going on, you should have the scar checked out by the surgeon who performed the surgery or by your primary care doctor. Having a doctor look at the healing scar is a normal and important part of the post-surgical follow up care, so make sure to keep the follow up appointment that was probably given to you after the surgery (or make one right away if you did not get an appointment).

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