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"Why do I have sharp pains in my pelvis?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have sharp pains in my pelvis?


It is my hips mainly but there is an aching pain that goes all the way through my pelvis. But I would say the hips are the worst. It is the joints in my hips that seem to hurt but not the bones just the muscles around them. The pains are very sharp in the muscles.


You will need to see your primary care doctor about this problem, especially if the pain and stiffness persists. They can perform a thorough examination and help you figure out what is going on. Pain in the hips can be caused by several different conditions. In middle aged and elderly persons, arthritis of the hips is very common. This can causes a deep, aching sensation that can be difficult to localize to the bones particularly. However, your doctor can quickly determine if the pain is coming from the hip bones themselves or from the muscles around them with a few simple examination techniques. If you have recently been exercising more vigorously than usual, or otherwise doing something physically demanding, muscle strain from over exertion is also a distinct possibility. Usually this improves with rest and with backing off on the exertion, but sometimes anti inflammatory medications might be needs, as prescribed by your doctor. Finally, muscle tenderness that is mostly in the thighs and hips might be a symptoms of polymalgia rheumatica which is a very common inflammatory condition of the muscles that occurs in adults over the age of 50. You may also experience pain in your shoulders and upper arms as part of this condition. Get in to see your doctor right away!

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