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"Is the pain in my thumbs from carpal tunnel syndrome?"

ZocdocAnswersIs the pain in my thumbs from carpal tunnel syndrome?


Does carpal tunnel syndrome make your thumbs hurt? Because the thumb on both of my hands aches and I don't know why because I don't use a computer a lot and I don't play video games or anything like that.


Carpal tunnel usually presents with symptoms in the palmar aspect of your hand and fingers. Pain from carpal tunnel is usually numbness and tingling which is sharp like pin pricks. Carpal tunnel is a type of neuralgia. There are three named nerves that go to the hands. The Median nerve happens to be on the palmar aspect of you wrist, and as it crosses the wrist to supply the muscles and skin on the hand goes through a tight band of connective tissue called a flexor retinaculum. This flexor retinaculum gets more narrowed and fibrosed with repetitive motion. But you said you do not spend much time on the computer or on video games and your pain appears to be localized just to your thumbs. Carpal tunnel typically does not cause localized pain over the thumbs. If you had fallen or do other strenuous activities that put a lot of strain on your thumb, this could be a sign of tendon strain or tendonitis, or even focal arthritis. Unless you have other work related exposure where you have repetitive motion of your thumb or have constant pressure as in riding a motor cycle, I am not sure what is causing the pain. I suggest that you discuss these symptoms with a primary care provider for an examination and possible x-ray of your thumbs.

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