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"What is this red bump near my hipbone?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this red bump near my hipbone?


there is an itchy red bump near my hipbone. I shave in that area (my pubic hair) but it really isn't near any of that. it is around the size of a penny and red and it itches. what could it be?


There are many different things that could be causing the rash that you describe. As you indicate, shaving can sometimes cause irritation at a hair follicle leading to a small bacterial infection. However, it doesn't sound like this is the situation in your case. It is definitely possible to develop fungal infections in the general groin area and they can often be very itchy. In addition, they can sometimes spread across your skin, so if this is the case you may notice other spots near the initial one you describe. You could also be having an allergic reaction to something, possibly a new toiletry product or detergent. You might also have skin changes in other parts of your body if this is the case. Skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis typically don't show up in the area you describe, but this is also possible. In general, the best way to figure out what is causing a skin finding is to have a physician examine. Your primary care physician should be able to look at the area and help you determine whether it is a fungal infection or something else. Often steroid creams can be very helpful with itching. And, if your doctor is not sure what to make of the area on initial exam, he or she can always refer you to a dermatologist.

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