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"Is there anything that makes acne scars disappear?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there anything that makes acne scars disappear?


There are a lot of acne scars on my chest and back and I want to see if I can do something about them. They just make taking my shirt off in the gym or in the summer time pretty embarrassing. Anything I can do to make them go away?


Sorry to hear that you had a such trouble with acne and that you are now dealing with significant scarring. The first step in dealing with acne scars, of course, would be to make sure that you don't generate any new ones. In other words, if you still are having active problems with acne, you need to take care of that. You should see your primary care doctor or a dermatologist right away to help you develop a treatment plan to clear up your acne and keep it away for good. If, on the other hand, the acne is mostly cleared up, then you could talk to a dermatologist about potential treatments for the scars. Treatment options that are available for scars depend a lot on the type of the scars that you have. For example, deep ice-pick scars are basically only amenable to surgical removal. On the other hand the 'rolling' scars and pockmarks more typical of bad acne might be amenable to treatment by a dermatologist. One major caveat is that treatments for scars is very expensive and, for that reason, they tend to be used only for facial scars (which are obviously very cosmetically concerning). Nevertheless, talk to a dermatologist, who can give you better advice.

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