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"How does a doctor tell if you have a UTI?"

ZocdocAnswersHow does a doctor tell if you have a UTI?


I think that I have a UTI from having been around other people that have talked about them. I just think it is the same as what they described. But how does a doctor check and make sure?


Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, are very common, especially in your women who are either just becoming sexually active or have recently begun sexual relations with a new partner. Due to how common they are, they are quickly treated based on symptoms and a single lab test, a urinalysis, for most people (although there are many who will treat just based on symptoms if the story and symptoms are just right). Other times, a urine culture can be added to help with the choice of antibiotics to make sure that the offending bacteria is completely eradicated. UTIs are usually associated with increased urinary frequency (more urination), urgency (a feeling that you need to go now, but there is not always a large amount of urine), and dysuria (pain or discomfort with urination). If there are other symptoms, such as a high fever, chills, or flank pain, these could be signs of a kidney infection, which is much more serious and requires immediate care of a physician, and likely IV antibiotics. If you are having symptoms of a UTI, please speak with your doctor quickly to receive the correct treatment and avoid some of the side effects than can come from not treating this appropriately.

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