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"Is there a way to improve your vision?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a way to improve your vision?


If your vision is getting worse and now you have to get glasses is there any going back? Like can you make your vision better once it starts to get blurry?


The general trend is vision is that, due to the normal effects of aging, once your vision starts to deteriorate and you 'cross the line' into needed to wear glasses or contacts, then there is no going back. In fact, it is common for vision to continue to slowly deteriorate over time, requiring periodic tweaking of your glasses or contact prescription by your eye doctor. Unfortunately, there is no non invasive way to prevent or reverse this deterioration in eye sight. Of course, it is important to have regular eye examinations (at least once a year) to make sure that you do not have any other eye diseases, as detecting and treatment them is an important part of protecting the eye sight. Also, having yearly physical examinations with your primary care doctor is important, as there are several medical conditions (such as diabetes and high blood pressure) that can have bad effects on the vision if they are not controlled. There are surgical procedures that can be used to correct vision and get you back to a place where you do not need to wear glasses. LASIK is the most common procedure, which most people have heard of. If you are interested in a procedure like this, that would be something to talk to your eye doctor about.

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