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"Can you get eczema on your eyelid?"

ZocdocAnswersCan you get eczema on your eyelid?


The top of my left eyelid keeps getting a little dry rash on it that itches really bad. My sister was saying that could be eczema. Is she right maybe? Can you get eczema on your eyelid or is this some other kind of rash?


It sounds like you need to see your physician right away for an exam to help determine what this rash might be. Your doctor will undoubtedly want to talk with you more about when you first noticed the rash; what makes it get better or worse; and whether or not you have ever had a rash like this anywhere else. Your doctor may also want you to see a dermatologist. Overall, your sister is correct that you can in fact get eczema on your eyelids. Eczema is often characterized by dry skin, a red rash, and severe itching, so based on the symptoms you describe, it is very possible that your rash is eczema. However, there are other rashes that can also show up on the eyelids, including some rashes that are a sign of underlying autoimmune disease. This is why your doctor will want to not only examine the rash but also do a detailed health history to see if anything else has changed for your recently, in addition to the rash. While very annoying, eczema can be treated so seeing a physician will definitely be an important first step in helping identify what is causing this as well as start treatment right away.

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